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Welcome back everyone! We have had a wonderful first week back and we are extremely proud of all the children who have come back into school with a huge smile on their faces ready for an action packed week in Butterflies. Even the new Butterflies children have been settled from the first day back which is just lovely.


This half term we are introducing 'Number of the Week'. The number this week is number 1 so we have been doing many activities based around this number, for example, recognising and forming the number, taking one object out from a large group and putting one piece of treasure into our treasure jar, we have looked at one more and one less than using objects, have been on a number 1 hunt and done lots more in our provision too! Please encourage your child to spot some numbers in their environment like numbers on bins, buses, cars and houses.


We have started reading our T4W story for this half term which is 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' and we have made muddy pictures and swishy swashy grass pictures out of different materials and textures as well as been on a bear hunt outside where the children used their imagination to act the story out and we even made a cave outside as well. This activity led into the children being interested in minibeasts when they spotted a worm so we went on a minibeast hunt too! It was very muddy!


The children have been practising writing their names this week in different ways like using their finger in glitter and we have been talking about what they would like to be when they grow up - we have some future astronauts, lifeguards, mechanics, doctors and even a future batman in our class!


We welcome Ted the teddy bear into our class this term who will be sent home with a child each week for some adventures. He really likes reading and playing with toys but doesn't really like loud noises. Each week your child can tell us about their adventures with Ted and answer questions from their friends.


If your child wants to bring anything in for 'Show and Tell' then there is a talk box as you come into Butterflies, we really encourage show and tell as this gives your child an opportunity to speak to the class and answer questions as well as builds up their confidence.


Have a lovely weekend everyone and here are a selection of pictures from this week:


The final week of 2018 in school has been action packed and filled with lots of fun! The children have made Christmas cakes for their families and have made other fabulous Christmas arts and crafts, some of which are lovely keepsakes, we hope you like them as much as we do. We have had our Christmas party where we played party games and did lots of dancing then we had some party food. We also had a surprise for the children as Santa came to visit and gave them all a Christmas present then we are finishing off the week with a Christmas sing-a-long.


Have a lovely Christmas break with your families and friends and we will see you in the New Year.


Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year to you all smiley

Wow! What an amazing week we have had, we couldn't be anymore proud of the children this week, the Christmas Sing-A-Long was magical and we don't know about you, but we are well and truly into the Christmas spirit!


Elfie, our mischievous elf has been up to lots of mischief again this week and it's lovely how the children now search for him as they come into Nursery, they love him!


We have been writing Christmas cards this week and we are so impressed with the children's name writing, we have been practising our cutting skills too and we have been matching objects to different numbers and the children are doing well with this.


Remember, our Christmas party day is on Thursday, please dress your child up in party clothes and we will supply the party food and games - how exciting!


We have sent you an email too with your children's observations from this half term, if you don't receive an email then please speak to one of us.


Have an amazing weekend everyone, we really are so proud of each and every one of you.


Here are some pictures and videos from this week:




Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We have had such a lovely week full of Christmas this week. On Monday, Elfie the Elf appeared in our classroom with an advent calendar and Elfie has been so mischievous all week, the children have tried really hard to show Elfie how to behave in our class but he still can't help being mischievous. We have been wrapping Christmas presents, making snowflakes and Christmas decorations, making stockings for our beautiful fireplace, writing letters to Santa, making Christmas cards, counting snowballs, dressing up and we have even had the chance to watch Bee's dress rehearsal which was fantastic! Here are a selection of photos from this week:

This week we have been observing the children and following their interests as well as continuing to change our Talk for Writing story, Owl Babies. The children's imaginations have been fantastic! We have been exploring colours and looking at shapes and patterns too. We have also helped to put our Christmas tree up ready for December and been singing Christmas songs using instruments. Invitations have been sent out to you today for our Christmas Sing-A-Long, we hope you can make it. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Here are a selection of pictures from this week:

This week in Butterflies we have been doing lots of counting and recognising numbers, we have been doing activities based around the children's understanding and we have been singing songs for the tree service and for our Christmas performance. We have continued to practise the 'Owl Babies' story using actions and all the children have been amazing at joining in! We will change the story next week to wherever the children's imaginations take us!


The children have been interested in dancing this week so we have had music on for the children to dance to (they have had lots of fun!) and they have also been accessing our reading area which has been just lovely to watch as they retell stories to themselves using the pictures and we have read many books together too. Talking about books, we welcome Graham into Butterflies who will be doing some fun reading activities with some of the children alongside Mrs Kachmarski, we are very lucky to have this in place to help children's early reading skills.


Just a reminder to make sure your child comes to school with a winter coat, hat and mittens/gloves now that the weather has turned cold. Keep encouraging your child to put their coat on and zip them up to develop their independence.


Have a lovely long weekend and see you all again on Tuesday.


Here are a selection of pictures from this week:

This week in Butterflies we have been acting out the story of the 'Owl Babies' and have completed some beautiful writing about the story. We have also been practising our cutting skills by cutting up different materials and we are so proud as some of the children are now holding scissors correctly, well done! We have been making models using junk and we have made some lovely owl pictures using feathers and owl colours. We have talked about Children in Need and decorated some buns as well as made Pudsey Bear pictures and masks!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone and see you next week.

Welcome back Butterflies and what busy Butterflies we have been!


We have spoken about the half term holidays and many children said they had been to a bonfire and seen some fireworks. We had our own firework display with Bee's outside and used coca cola and mentos to create pretend fireworks, we lit some sparklers and the children had to guess what shapes were being made and some of the children made their own bonfire afterwards too! We have also made some fireworks using different materials and created some firework pictures.


We have spoken about the celebration, Diwali, and have made some footprints and have done some fantastic Rangoli patterns outside using powder.


We have also been reading our talk for writing 'Owl Babies', have started our story map and have made some beautiful owls for our lovely displays.

Welcome to Butterflies!


Well done Butterflies for finishing your first half term - we did it!! We have had a very busy but spooky week and have made pumpkin soup, we have investigated the inside of a pumpkin, made magic bubbling potions, taken part in spooky yoga and we have been practising our scissor skills by cutting up pretend worms.


We have continued to look at signs of Autumn and we have collected sticks and used clay to make some lovely clay hedgehogs. We have looked at facts about hedgehogs too!


Have a happy and safe half term with your families and we will see you soon smiley




We have had another amazing week in Butterflies. We have been busy retelling the story of Rosie's Walk and writing about the story, we have also changed the story and the children's imagination has been brilliant!


We have continued to talk about Autumn and the changes we can see and we have made some Autumn trees using paint and corks for the leaves and they look fantastic.


Some of the children have been talking about witches so we have read the story 'Room on the Broom' and have bought some different sized pumpkins and spoken about size, we will investigate the pumpkins next week and make some pumpkin soup as well as make some bubbling magic potions outside. Thank you to Mrs Yong for bringing in her spooky collection for the children to explore, they have had so much fun!


Here are a selection of photos from this week:


Wow! What a busy week we have had in Butterflies. We have been on an Autumn walk around the school grounds and spotted signs of Autumn, we collected different coloured leaves and things that remind us of Autumn and we made some whole class Autumn collages out of them.



Autumn Walk

We have had a wonderful family learning morning, the focus being on reading. Thank you to all who came to this, I know the children had such a fun time completing activities related to Rosie's Walk and other stories. Here are a selection of pictures:


We have had another fantastic week in Butterflies. We have been finishing our story map for our 'Talk For Writing' story, Rosie's Walk and we have been making Rosie the Hen out of different coloured feathers. We have followed the children's interests from last week and we have baked some currant buns, created a baker's shop and made currant buns using the play dough which was brilliant for counting and learning numbers!


The children will come home with their first library book this week, the children have chosen these independently and they will be changed every Friday. We hope you enjoy sharing them together. The children have also been to their first assembly this week and we are very proud of how well behaved they were. Well done Butterflies and see you next week. 


Next week we are going to start Dough Disco when the children first come in. Please encourage your child to get a piece of play dough from the table and join the disco on the carpet! Dough Disco is a fun activity which combines the use of play dough with a series of hand and finger exercises designed to improve fine muscle control. The movements develop children’s fine and gross motor dexterity, hand-eye coordination and self-esteem.  The overall aim is to ultimately support children’s hand writing skills.




This week we have been very proud of all the children on a morning as they have come into Butterflies much more settled with lots of smiles and happy faces too! This week we have been concentrating on routines and expectations within our setting and have been learning how to be kind to each other and how to take turns through playing games such as Pop Up Pirate as well as modelling turn taking and being kind in all the other areas. We have started our story map for our Talk For Writing story, Rosie's Walk and will finish this next week. The children are very good at re-telling the story already and are all doing amazing! We have been singing lots of nursery rhymes too and a firm favourite has been 5 Currant Buns in a Baker's Shop so we have decided to bake some currant buns next week, the children have also loved singing Old McDonald and especially loved using the animal masks from Rosie's Walk to sing the song.


Here are a selection of photo's from this week:




We have had a fantastic first full week in Butterflies, the children are settling in really well and have been learning how to play with our resources and tidy them away in the right places at tidy up time and they have been brilliant at this! These first few weeks are where our priority and main focus is on the children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development so we have been modelling positive play and interactions with peers and adults. The children are doing really well with this so we have started reading our 'Talk for Writing' book which is called Rosie's Walk and we will be creating a fun, learning environment based around this story as well as following the children's interests. Welcome to Miss Sykes who is a student working in Butterflies two mornings a week, she will be helping in our classroom and completing her placement with us. This week you will have received a username and password for Purple Mash and Active Learn Primary, if you have any questions about these then please do ask one of the Butterflies Team. Thank you to all the children who have brought their All About Me bags back, we have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your child speak about their bag and we look forward to receiving more. Have a well deserved weekend Butterflies children, you're all doing so well smiley




We have had the most amazing first week in Butterflies! Welcome back and welcome to all the new children and families. We have spent this week settling into Nursery and learning the new routines and we are really pleased with how the children are settling in. We have sent out an 'All About Me' bag this week which is a fantastic way to encourage children to talk when we do show and tell.


Some of the Butterflies children have been asking where Mrs Sacker is, Mrs Sacker is working in another year group now but will pop down to see them soon. We hope Mrs Sacker is enjoying her new role and we wish her all the best.


Here are a selection of pictures from our first week.




Well the end of the school year is here and what a year it has been. In September Miss Lambert joined Butterflies until Easter and we had some fantastic adventures with her. She came for a visit last Friday and the children were so happy to see her.


We made fruit kebabs which were so tasty.






We also had our end of year party with lots of scrummy food and dancing.









As our older Butterflies move on we would like to wish them all every happiness in their new adventures. Some are moving to Bees and some to new schools. Wherever you go our memories will stay with us forever smiley cool smiley


Thank you to all our parents who have supported us throughout the year. It was so much appreciated


We look forward to welcoming back our 'older Butterflies' and to welcoming our new Butterflies on Monday 10th September.


smileyHave a fantastic holidayssmiley




smiley Welcome to future Butterflies children smiley





This week we have followed the children's interests looking at the story The Gingerbread Man. We have learned a new song about the Gingerbread Man and made AMAZING Gingerbread Man biscuits, they tasted yummy!!! We talked  about weighing and measuring ingredients, and about using an oven to cook our biscuits using heat.













Take care in the sun it supposed to be a scorching weekend. Remember to wear a hat and some sunscreen.



Smiling sun













We have a request for our children and families, if you are going away on holiday or visiting somewhere exciting such as the beach, the park, camping etc. Could you bring back a 'treasure' of your visit to put in our 'Talking Box' such as a shell, photograph or anything which your child would like to talk to us about.

We are going to introduce a talking box after half term, which will give all the children the opportunity to tell us about the exciting things they do at home, on holiday or visiting somewhere new. As part of our PSED (Personal Social and Emotional Development), we would like to give each child a voice. Some children are very shy and find it difficult to speak out and with our 'Talking Box' we are hoping to encourage these children to speak in a group and for all children to understand the need to listen to others. We would appreciate your help with this and look forward to seeing what exciting things the children bring in.







Hi everyone, the Butterflies team just wanted to let you know that you are welcome to Fridays celebration assembly. If you would like to attend you are asked to wait on the front corridor which is at the top of the stairs at schools entrance. The assembly is held in the main hall around five past nine. Butterflies stay for the 'Tidy Friday Award', 'Star of the Week' certificate and the celebration of birthdays.



Every morning you may have noticed that we 'sing' and 'dance' with the children. We have also started our 'Dough Disco'. this has been proven to encourage fine motor skills in young children, which helps with early writing. The children each have a small ball of play dough which they use to manipulate in lots of ways to music. 




Our T4W story this half term is The Train Ride.



We have been doing lots of activities related to the story. We made a train using crates paint and string





We also made a tunnel for the trains to go in, we helped each other as it was a big job.




We started our 'Daily Mile' this week in Butterflies and the children are learning about keeping fit and healthy. After the run we had a chat with the children about how they felt. Some of the replies we had were "I'm sweating"  "I'm hot" "I'm tired", we talked about our heart and how the running makes our heart beat faster.