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We have had a fantastic first full week in Butterflies, the children are settling in really well and have been learning how to play with our resources and tidy them away in the right places at tidy up time and they have been brilliant at this! These first few weeks are where our priority and main focus is on the children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development so we have been modelling positive play and interactions with peers and adults. The children are doing really well with this so we have started reading our 'Talk for Writing' book which is called Rosie's Walk and we will be creating a fun, learning environment based around this story as well as following the children's interests. Welcome to Miss Sykes who is a student working in Butterflies two mornings a week, she will be helping in our classroom and completing her placement with us. This week you will have received a username and password for Purple Mash and Active Learn Primary, if you have any questions about these then please do ask one of the Butterflies Team. Thank you to all the children who have brought their All About Me bags back, we have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your child speak about their bag and we look forward to receiving more. Have a well deserved weekend Butterflies children, you're all doing so well smiley




We have had the most amazing first week in Butterflies! Welcome back and welcome to all the new children and families. We have spent this week settling into Nursery and learning the new routines and we are really pleased with how the children are settling in. We have sent out an 'All About Me' bag this week which is a fantastic way to encourage children to talk when we do show and tell.


Some of the Butterflies children have been asking where Mrs Sacker is, Mrs Sacker is working in another year group now but will pop down to see them soon. We hope Mrs Sacker is enjoying her new role and we wish her all the best.


Here are a selection of pictures from our first week.




Well the end of the school year is here and what a year it has been. In September Miss Lambert joined Butterflies until Easter and we had some fantastic adventures with her. She came for a visit last Friday and the children were so happy to see her.


We made fruit kebabs which were so tasty.






We also had our end of year party with lots of scrummy food and dancing.









As our older Butterflies move on we would like to wish them all every happiness in their new adventures. Some are moving to Bees and some to new schools. Wherever you go our memories will stay with us forever smiley cool smiley


Thank you to all our parents who have supported us throughout the year. It was so much appreciated


We look forward to welcoming back our 'older Butterflies' and to welcoming our new Butterflies on Monday 10th September.


smileyHave a fantastic holidayssmiley




smiley Welcome to future Butterflies children smiley





This week we have followed the children's interests looking at the story The Gingerbread Man. We have learned a new song about the Gingerbread Man and made AMAZING Gingerbread Man biscuits, they tasted yummy!!! We talked  about weighing and measuring ingredients, and about using an oven to cook our biscuits using heat.













Take care in the sun it supposed to be a scorching weekend. Remember to wear a hat and some sunscreen.



Smiling sun













We have a request for our children and families, if you are going away on holiday or visiting somewhere exciting such as the beach, the park, camping etc. Could you bring back a 'treasure' of your visit to put in our 'Talking Box' such as a shell, photograph or anything which your child would like to talk to us about.

We are going to introduce a talking box after half term, which will give all the children the opportunity to tell us about the exciting things they do at home, on holiday or visiting somewhere new. As part of our PSED (Personal Social and Emotional Development), we would like to give each child a voice. Some children are very shy and find it difficult to speak out and with our 'Talking Box' we are hoping to encourage these children to speak in a group and for all children to understand the need to listen to others. We would appreciate your help with this and look forward to seeing what exciting things the children bring in.







Hi everyone, the Butterflies team just wanted to let you know that you are welcome to Fridays celebration assembly. If you would like to attend you are asked to wait on the front corridor which is at the top of the stairs at schools entrance. The assembly is held in the main hall around five past nine. Butterflies stay for the 'Tidy Friday Award', 'Star of the Week' certificate and the celebration of birthdays.



Every morning you may have noticed that we 'sing' and 'dance' with the children. We have also started our 'Dough Disco'. this has been proven to encourage fine motor skills in young children, which helps with early writing. The children each have a small ball of play dough which they use to manipulate in lots of ways to music. 




Our T4W story this half term is The Train Ride.



We have been doing lots of activities related to the story. We made a train using crates paint and string





We also made a tunnel for the trains to go in, we helped each other as it was a big job.




We started our 'Daily Mile' this week in Butterflies and the children are learning about keeping fit and healthy. After the run we had a chat with the children about how they felt. Some of the replies we had were "I'm sweating"  "I'm hot" "I'm tired", we talked about our heart and how the running makes our heart beat faster.