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Hi everyone, the Butterflies team just wanted to let you know that you are welcome to Fridays celebration assembly. If you would like to attend you are asked to wait on the front corridor which is at the top of the stairs at schools entrance. The assembly is held in the main hall around five past nine. Butterflies stay for the 'Tidy Friday Award', 'Star of the Week' certificate and the celebration of birthdays.


We would like to Welcome Mrs Moult to Butterflies and our new children who are settling in very well.


Our T4W story this half term will be Jasper's Beanstalk. we will be thinking about growing in all its forms. We will be planting a variety of seeds and thinking about how we can look after them to help them grow. If you are gardening at home, encourage your child to help you. Encourage them by using lots of language, describing plants and trees by their real names.



Every morning you may have noticed that we 'sing' and 'dance' with the children. We have also started our 'Dough Disco'. this has been proven to encourage fine motor skills in young children, which helps with early writing. The children each have a small ball of play dough which they use to manipulate in lots of ways to music.