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Active Learn is our online platform where literacy and maths work is personally added to your child's file, for them to practice and build on the learning taking place in school

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Hints and tips, home work ideas

Please look at the section of ideas, activities and resources you could use with your child at home to continue their learning journey:


Cross Curricular:

For all children throughout school (Purple Mash)





(letter formation and joins)


(Letter sounds, making and sounding out words)

(Initial letter sound)

(Letter sounds, making and sounding out words with ladybird)

(Letter sounds)

(Letter sounds)

(Words and pictures)

(Rhyming and letter sounds)

(Reading words)

(Reading words)

 (High frequency words and tricky words)

(High frequency words )


(Reading words using and applying phonic knowledge)

(Treasure or trash? Deciding if its a real of pretend word)

(Yes/No questions)


(Word search spelling)

(Hangman spelling Year 1 and Year 2)

(Hangman spelling Reception)

(Reading words)

KS1 Bitesize (Literacy)







(Counting and ordering numbers)



(Counting, matching and ordering)

(Counting, matching and ordering)

(Counting up to 5 and counting up to 10)

(Counting up to 15, numbers and number names)

(Counting in 10’s)

(Counting, ordering, sequencing, number bonds, addition, subtraction, multiplication)


(Counting in 2’s)

(10 more/10 less)


(Addition and Subtraction)

(Number machines)


(Mental maths speed challenge)

(Place Value Th H T U)

(Place value)


 (Money, calculating change)

(Number jumbler)

(Number facts recall)

(Number bonds to 10)

(Simple addition)

(Number bonds to 20)

(Number bonds to 10)


(Near doubles)



(Place value)

(Place value)

(10 less)

(Target take away)

(Aztec take away)

(Money pay for it )

KS1 Bitesize (Maths)


(Money, totalling coins)

(Money, comparing amounts)

(Doubles and halves)

(Park the pod)

(Identifying numbers, post the letters)

(Number names blast off)


Sumdog (Free maths games, requires a log in)