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January 2021

Free adult learning timetable.

This includes FREE courses to improve digital skills, mental health awareness, maths, phonics, mindfulness etc. Something for everyone 😊.



Pennine domestic violence partnership latest information and advice



Info for parents looking for employment:


Kirklees Libraries Are Recruiting!


Kirklees are now advertising vacancies for Fixed-Term roles as Customer Service Officers in our Libraries. As one of our valued colleagues, please can share this opportunity with the people you know or support.


We need people willing to learn, willing to try new ideas and willing to help us develop a library service for the future, responsive to community and customer needs and with a vibrant, relevant offer to Kirklees residents.


We are trying a new style of recruitment this time around, with a candidate questionnaire in the application, instead of the usual, (and often difficult,) supporting statement in line with the ‘person specification.’ We want to know about candidate’s skills, abilities, and behaviours, not just see a list of qualifications and work experience.


The first of these vacancies are live on the Kirklees Jobs site.

Additional information is available on our website, at:


You can contact us at:

If not registered already, potential candidates will need to be registered on the Kirklees Jobs website before they can apply, but this can be done at any time, so best to get organised early!