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Welcome to Bees


Bees is an exciting place to learn and discover new things! We look forward to an amazing year together. 


The class teachers are Miss Burke, Mr Brazil (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and Miss Thompson (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) supported by Miss Brook and Miss Hutchinson.


Class Reminders:


smiley We visit the library on Thursdays, don't forget your book bag.


smiley Guided reading takes place throughout the week, try get into the habit of always bringing your book bag everyday.


smiley Don't forget to write names in clothes, we already have some unclaimed items!


smiley We work outside a lot in Bees please send your child with sensible clothing for the weather. 


Have a very HAPPY summer! We enjoyed ice creams on our last day 🍦 What a fantastic year we have had in Bee’s 🐝🐝🐝

This week we have had a ‘E-Safety week’ ... We have learnt how to keep safe, who can help us and practical tips to try. Go to our online safety page for links to more resources and ‘Jessie and Friends’ who taught us a lot in their videos. 


We ended our E-Safety week with a family learning morning around staying safe over summer and the. ash ended the day with a fabulous assembly around staying safe on the internet and he brought his special friend ‘BIG G’ along to help. 



Ash also showed us ways to keep our bodies fit, healthy and safe this morning too during the family learning morning. Thank You Ash for all your help today ... look at us in action! 


Photos from Family Learning Morning ... what a fabulous morning it was, we hope you enjoyed as much as us!

This morning we introduced nursery to ‘Run a Mile’ ... look at what good role models we were ... we were very caring!

You have a friend in me ...


We have been thinking about friendships in our jigsaw! Here are some photos of us being good friends and we explained why. Can you remember some things good friends do?


Sports Day 2019 ... what a fun morning we had! Well done everybody!

Our Bodies - Jigsaw 

As part of our jigsaw we have been looking at our bodies and body parts. The children wanted to draw there own body maps. Have a look at the great teamwork ...


Seaweed Smoothies


This morning we made smoothies ... they were green. Can you remember what vegetable made them green?


We are pirates


We have been busy building, designing and creating our own pirate ship role play area! Wow look at how great it is!


Our Trip to Ponderosa ...

We have had a fabulous day in Bees today! We have been on a trip to Ponderosa and had so much fun and the children were a credit to the school. 

We saw lots of animals. Which ones can you remember? We loved the adventure playground and pirate ship and also had a little treat ... it was an ice cream! 

Thank You for a FANTASTIC day Bees! You will have made some wonderful memories! Have a look at our photos ...


50 things to do before you are 5 in Kirklees ...

Well we are nearly at half term and the children have worked extremely hard this half term in all areas. All of Bee's have enjoyed learning outside this term too with our fantastic new equipment. Kirklees have set up a FANTASTIC new app with a challenge for all children 5 and under ... Why don't you see if you can do any of these fun activities over half term. 

To download the app go to ...

Remember to keep us updated on what you get up to, we would love to hear all about it! Here is more information ...


As some of you have noticed we no longer have access to Bug Club at home any longer. Some parents have asked of any other apps for reading books online. Here is one we sometimes use in school, click on the link below and enjoy some books over the holidays. 

Enjoy reading over the holidays! 

Look at our newly developed outdoor area in Early Years ...

All the children and grown up's across Early Years would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped in many ways to develop our outdoors. FOBBINS kindly donated us some money to put towards the cost's of our new equipment. The children have really enjoyed using and look forward to using it more in this wonderful weather. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 


Artists ...

We have been artists in Bee’s this week. We have used lots of different materials, media and skills to create these fantastic pieces of art ...


Ash took us outside for our Giants session today. Look how much fun we had learning new skills ...

We are really enjoying our new Talk for Writing story ... The Bad-Tempered Ladybird! We have been writing it, reading it and even making up our own stories! Today we enjoyed making some tasty ladybird biscuits using a bit of doubling and other maths skills. They were tasty ...


The Fabulous Outdoors


It has been very exciting across Early Years this week! If you take a sneak peak over the wall you will see our outside area developing. The children are living it and have loved helping to set it up. They even made posters practicing their writing to give instructions on tidying up and staying safe! Have a read of our posters and look at us enjoying our new outdoor space. 








WOW WOW WOW, What a fantastic assembly we just had we sang like rockstars! Can you remember what instruments the man played?


Listen to us sing like rockstars ...

Still image for this video

Welcome Back! We are excited for what Summer term will bring! See you Monday :) Here below is key information for next half term ...

We saw a butterfly emerge ... wow wow wow ...

Still image for this video

Happy Happy Easter ...


Well what an end to our Spring term ... we baked Easter nests, the Easter bunny visited us and most importantly we released our butterflies and even got to see one emerge this afternoon. Have a watch of our video above ...


Happy Easter all! Have a well deserved rest and don’t forget to practise your reading and writing. 




Today we had the privilege of a mobile zoo visiting us in school. The children were amazing and asked some fabulous questions, they were all VERY BRAVE and all held lots of different animals. Have a look at some of our fabulous photos ...

Look at the lizard jump ...

Still image for this video

The owl waved to us ...

Still image for this video

A few photos from our fabulous trip to Castle Hill School. The children were amazing and a credit to the school. We wrote thank you notes for the staff and children for sharing their exciting play equipment with us. Let's hope that they liked it and invite us back to play again sometime. 

The Very a Hungry Caterpillar being brought to life in Bees!


Another FABULOUS week of learning! Some exciting things to update you on are ... 


OUR CATERPILLARS - We have been so patient waiting for our caterpillars to make their homes, a cocoon, today many of the children watched the caterpillars spinning! It was amazing to watch. Then the children set up a station to watch them and read stories to them as they watched. We can't wait to see what they are like on Monday.




HEALTHY RAINBOW SNACKS - Today we were feeling hungry just like the Hungry Caterpillar so we designed and made our own fruit kebabs. What was your favourite fruit?



This afternoon we enjoyed colourful fun with parachute games outdoors ...



Have a SUPER weekend! On the 9th April some animals will be visiting us in school (you should have received a text) This will be a great experience for the children. If you have any questions / your child has any animal allergies please come and speak to a member of the team. Thank You. 

Comic Relief 2019

Today we have enjoyed raising money to help people all over the world. We have been very kind with our donations and look at all the red fun we have had. It was red everywhere ...



Last week we forgot to share our World Book Day fun with you. Look at us swapping for story time across EYFS. 

Happy pancake day from bees ...


Yesterday we celebrated Pancake day in Bees and we enjoyed making some tasty pancakes and we talked about chose one healthy topping and one unhealthy. What was your best topping? Was it healthy or unhealthy? 


We used lots of skills to help us make the batter, cook the batter and flip the pancakes! 

Today some of us visited Castle Hill School. We enjoyed seeing our friends up there and finding out about their school. We signed! We played! We had snack! We had LOTS of fun! It was a lovely morning and the children were fabulous! The rest of us will visit in a couple of weeks ... We can't wait!

Caterpillars, sunshine and lots of collaboration 


WOW What a busy first week back in Bee's. We have been up to so much good stuff ... too much stuff for us to share! Here are some of the highlights from our week ...


Our first very exciting news is we had an IMPORTANT DELIVERY delivered on Thursday and it was some tiny caterpillars who we are going to help and observe on their journey to becoming a beautiful butterfly. We are really looking forward to this and have made posters to remind us how to look after them. Watch this space for our progress ...



We have been busy making salt dough and then shaping it into our favourite foods to use in our role play shop and cafe. What will you come and buy?


We have mad the most of this months crazy sun and been building dens and washing cars in our outdoor area. Look at the WONDERFUL WEATHER. We have practiced lots of gross and fine motor skills and used lots of fabulous language.




What a great start to our Spring term! Keep a look out on our blog for more! 


Spring 2 Information - All you need to know about the term ahead ...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Our Story in Bees for the next half term ... Have a watch and enjoy!

Who did you share your special biscuit with? ❤️


We we have enjoyed baking biscuits today and sharing these with special people we know ...


Positive Hearts 💕, Colour Mixing 🎨, Typing⌨️, Our Beanstalks 🌱 and Multiskills 🎱


This half term we have been busy doing lots and lots of activities ... Sometimes too many to share with you! We have been busy thinking about our positive image. Come into bees and have a read of all the fantastic things about us. Not only have we thought about us, we wrote fabulous sentences to share with you and mixed our own colours to create our beautiful hearts. Can you remember how to make different colours? Tell a grown up!



We have grown our own beanstalks, we learnt how to look after plants. Have a look here ...



We have also enjoyed our multi-skills sessions with Mr Fox perfecting our rolling and aiming ...





We have been super all round learners! 

Look at the fun we had at family learning morning ....

Doubling, Snow and Hot Chocolate ... 

This week despite the freezing temperatures we have enjoyed our math's learning, the snow and explored the snow and ice in different ways. We decided today to make hot chocolate to keep us warm. We followed a recipe and it was very tasty. Why not try it at home ... 



Ice, footprints, water, bubbles, drawing ... It has been one busy week in Bees!

This week the children have been amazing little learners full of AMAZING questions! The words listed above are just some of our amazing learning. We had a visitor this week ... look at the MASSIVE footprints ... we think it might be a GIANT but have been asking lots of questions to find out. 


As you will have seen its been a cold, icy and very winter like week! It got the children questioning how ice is made. So we set up our own experiment to find out. Ask us about ice? We have been busy finding out. 


Then on top of all that we have been artists drawing castles using charcole. We have used lots of different shapes to draw and smudged the charcole to add effect. To see more of our drawings drop into Bees. 

And that is just some of our learning! We have been very busy! 





The Giants 


We have loved working with Ash from ‘The Giants’ today! We practised moving in lots of different ways and had lots of fun. We are looking forward to working with Ash every Thursday . 


Jack and the Beanstalk in Bees

Well it is only week 1 of our new story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and we have been super busy! We have built one HUGE castle, we have built smaller castles, we have planted our own beanstalks. Look at us busy learning below. Also our new story map is there for you to see ... Why not tell the story to a grown up at home!

Look at the photos below ...

Look at the photos below ... 1
Look at the photos below ... 2
Look at the photos below ... 3
Look at the photos below ... 4

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum ... who does that sound like?

Have you ever heard the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' ... who do you know who is in the story? We are looking forward to learning this story together this half term. Have a listen to this great song telling to story to familiarise yourself with our new story.

Information all about Spring 1 in Bees ... to find out more click on the documents below ...

Look who visited us today ... We loved party day!!

Today we have been bakers and followed a recipe to bake our very own Christmas Biscuits! Yummy!

Today we have been bakers and followed a recipe to bake our very own Christmas Biscuits! Yummy!  1

Shapes shapes everywhere! This week we have been exploring shapes. Look at some photos of our shape work. What shapes can you see?

A phone call from the big man himself ...

Still image for this video
Look who has phoned us ... can you leave him a picture for when he visits? Why not challenge yourself and add some writing!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

In Bees we got Christmas week off to a great start with our tree service on Monday. Our dress rehearsal was brilliant this morning ... Bet you can't wait to see us next week. Look at some of the fun we have had ... 


It rains ☔️ ... We BBQ 🍢


We just loved watching this learning happen outside today. Great role play. Great teamwork. Great ideas! It was just fabulous! They worked together to build a BBQ and then fed everyone who wanted feeding. I loved seeing their imaginations going ... Even a dinosaur came to the BBQ. 


Gruffalo Jelly


Yesterday we follow and read instructions to make Griffalo jelly and today we ate it! Look and read about it here ...


We are busy writers in Bees!


Our story this half term is the Gruffalo. Can you re-tell the story using the story map below ...




A super writer in Bees ... Independently wrote the story using her phonics! Have a read! WOW!




We have have been challenged to make maps for the Gruffalo and his friends! Look at our writing and mark making isn't it great! We are proud of all of Bees writing and how we can see massive PROGRESS ...



Thank you for your donations for children in need today. Look at the fun we had ...

We are loving bikeability this week ... Look at us on our bikes ... 🚴 We are looking forward to our last session on Thursday and Friday.

New Term  ... New Learning ... And look someone has been in Huddersfield! Do you know who? 



Today we have got off to a brilliant start. We found a footprint and have investigated who it might belong to and created a woods in our classroom to encourage him back! Look at us investigating, questioning and creating ...



Did you spot him? ... Look where the Gruffalo was spotted! 



Then did you know today is Bonfire night ... We enjoyed exploring this outside with the Butterflies children ... We had an alternative bonfire and sparklers. Can you remember any top safety tips for tonight?  



What an AMAZING first day back! I think it is going to be a great term! 


Remember a job for at home is to collect as many leaves as you can for our new role play area ... THE GRUFFALO WOODS! 


Wow I cannot believe we are into November and how cold it is getting ... winter is certainly on its way! When we come back we will be learning all about this character here ...


Do you know who he is? What do you know about him?

Grown ups have a look through the documents below to see what skills we will be learning this term in Bee's and how you can help at home. See you on Monday 5th November for the start to another FANTASTIC term!  

Autumn 2 Information ... Click on the documents to find out more ...

Well 8 weeks in and our fabulous Bees are just FABULOUS and amazing at full time school. They have worked their socks off this half term and deserve a long rest this week. Remember to keep practising your name writing, your reading, writing and maths ... you could help with the baking at home! We can't wait to hear all about your half term holidays! All the grown ups in Bees are SUPER SUPER proud of our Bees. We are excited for Autumn 2!  Remember stay safe and rest!


Here are some photos from this week and our Amazing learning ...


In bees we have been busy bakers again this morning! We have read instructions and them followed them to make our very own pizzas. The children have been superstars. 


We were inspired to make pizzas in class after we changed our talk for writing story from the hen making bread to making a pizza, here is our story map. Can you tell the NEW story at home ...



Look at the instructions we read and followed ... Maybe you could make a pizza at home.

Look at some more photos of us being super PIZZA CHEFS! Yummy ...

Autumn 1 Information Sheet

A massive THANK YOU to all the grown ups who joined us at family learning morning this morning. We loved sharing a book with you and letting you see how we learn. We hope you had a lovely morning 🙂

Then today on FANTASTIC FRIDAY we all collaborated in Bees to design, build, paint and create houses for the Little Red Hens village in our story! All the grown ups are impressed with our skills this week.

Then today on FANTASTIC FRIDAY we all collaborated in Bees to design, build, paint and create houses for the Little Red Hens village in our story! All the grown ups are impressed with our skills this week. 1

Happy Friday 🙂 This week we have loved learning in our outdoor classroom. We have been working together to solve problems and develop our new friendships. Look at all the fun we have had this week. We have been super busy and loved learning outside.

In Bees we have been inspired by our story 'The Little Red Hen' to bake our very own bread. We read instructions, followed the instructions and cooked the bread. Our classroom smelt beautiful all afternoon because of our amazing baking skills. We had many enthusiastic bakers wanting to help join in all aspects of baking. All the children enjoyed taking part and we hope it tasted just as delicious. Look at the photos below to see what we got up to ... 

How we make bread in Bees ...

How we make bread in Bees ...  1
How we make bread in Bees ...  2
How we make bread in Bees ...  3
How we make bread in Bees ...  4

Today we enjoyed our first visit to the school library and we have ALL borrowed a book to take home. We enjoyed choosing our own books and are looking forward to reading them at home. Please remember to get another book return your books next Thursday and remember to bring a book bag to keep them in.


Happy Reading Bees!

Photos from the library ...

Photos from the library ... 1
Photos from the library ... 2
Photos from the library ... 3
Photos from the library ... 4
Photos from the library ... 5
Photos from the library ... 6

Another brilliant week in Bees if you want to keep busy this weekend have a go at finding things to represent the season Autumn. We tried to get outside to have a look this afternoon but it was a bit too wet. Here is the challenge ... 



I cannot wait to see what you add to the science area 😊

Our Story Map

Our Story Map 1

Our story for 'Talk For Writing' for this half term is 'The Little Red Hen'.

Below is a story map which we use to help the children remember how to tell the story independently. We are working towards the children being able to retell the entire story themselves. Below is the text we use which accompanies the map. If you are unsure about anything then please ask. 

The Little Red Hen


Once upon a time there was a little red hen who lived on a farm. Early one morning she woke up and went outside, there she found some seeds.


‘Who will help me plant the seeds?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I’ said the bull, ‘Not I’ said the cat, ‘Not I’ said the rat. ‘Oh very well I shall do it myself’ said the little red hen and so she did.


‘Who will help me water the seeds?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I’ said the bull, ‘Not I’ said the cat, ‘Not I’ said the rat. ‘Oh very well I shall do it myself’ said the little red hen and so she did.


‘Who will help me cut the corn?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I’ said the bull, ‘Not I’ said the cat, ‘Not I’ said the rat. ‘Oh very well I shall do it myself’ said the little red hen and so she did.


‘Who will help me carry the corn?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I’ said the bull, ‘Not I’ said the cat, ‘Not I’ said the rat. ‘Oh very well I shall do it myself’ said the little red hen and so she did.


‘Who will help me grind the corn?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I’ said the bull, ‘Not I’ said the cat, ‘Not I’ said the rat. ‘Oh very well I shall do it myself’ said the little red hen and so she did.


‘Who will help me knead the dough?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I’ said the bull, ‘Not I’ said the cat, ‘Not I’ said the rat. ‘Oh very well I shall do it myself’ said the little red hen and so she did.


‘Who will help me bake the bread?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I’ said the bull, ‘Not I’ said the cat, ‘Not I’ said the rat. ‘Oh very well I shall do it myself’ said the little red hen and so she did.


‘Who will help me eat the bread?’ said the little red hen. ‘I will’ said the bull, ‘I will’ said the cat, ‘I will’ said the rat. ‘Oh no you won’t, I shall do it myself’ said the little red hen and so she did.


The End

The Hat Song


Miss Burke looks fine

With the hat upon her head

She's divine

That's what everybody said

What a fuss

You look marvellous

And whoosh went the wind

Whoosh went the wind

Whoosh went the wind

And blew it away

On that wild and windy day

Today in Bees we have enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl day!! It has been lots of fun! Thank You grown ups for your fantastic support with dressing up outfits the children looked fab. Today we enjoyed talking about Roald Dahl's job as an author and what an author is. Can you remember what an Author is? Then this afternoon we went on our first visit to the school library and we enjoyed looking at the books we might be able to borrow next week and we enjoyed a story. Look at some of the photos of us enjoying this special day. Next Thursday the children will be able to borrow books from our school library for you to read at home.


More Roald Dahl Day photos ...

What a busy week we have had in Bees. We now have nearly a full class and are looking forward to our final group of children joining us on Monday. Here are some photos of a few of the things we have been up to this week while settling in. Keep coming back to the blog to see more of our adventures.


All of the grown ups in Bees are SUPER PROUD of how well you have all settled in. Have a well deserved rest this weekend and see you Monday.