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The Children’s Board

Welcome to the home of the Children's Board. 



What is our job?


As members Berry Brow children's board, it is our job to represent the opinions, feelings and ideas of our classmates to the teachers in order to help improve standards and create a school that we thrive in. We have a number of meetings over the year where we discuss elements of school life as well as any issues or concerns raised to us by our peers. We work with Mrs Mason & Miss Blackburn to achieve our goals and we regularly meet with our headteacher Miss Fraser to make our ideas come to life.



How can we help?

Do you have a problem or concern in school? Or maybe you have some amazing ideas you would like to share? Find one your class representative and pass on your thoughts. We will share your ideas with other children's board members and teachers to try to make our school the best it can be!



How can I become a member?


At the start of each academic year a new children's board will be elected. To become a member you need to fill in an application telling your class mates why you would be a good member. Once this is completed you will need to return your application form to school. Your class mates will then hold an election or vote to allow the selection process to be fair. 




We are always thinking about our school Ethos!


Be a team

Everyone is valued

Respect should be show to everyone

Realise the potential of the children in your care

"You" can choose your path

Be safe and keep others safe

Rely on each other

Open your mind to learning new things

We are proud of our children and staff

Our Children’s Board Members for 2021-2022 are:


The children's board have written letters to the local supermarket to ask them for some Easter Eggs! Watch this space!


We have had a meeting with Miss Blackburn to discuss safeguarding in our school. We have decided we are going to make our very own leaflet for adults and children all about the fantastic things we do in school to keep safe. 
We will need  to meet together a number of times to plan, prepare and create our leaflet. We can not wait to show you once it is finished!

September 2021


Watch this space for our new members - COMING SOON! 


The current Y2 members of the children's board will meet Friday 1st October to re visit the classroom rules. 


See below for our updated rules.