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The Children’s Board


This afternoon we were joined by Mrs Boosey and Mrs Cant who both had lots of questions to ask us about things in school. 

Mrs Boosey wanted to ask us all about our writing. She asked us the following questions:

- What types of writing do you do at school?

- What makes super writing?

- How do grown ups help you with your writing?

- What is pink to think and how can we use it to help our writing?


We were able to give her some fantastic answers. We think that super writing includes; full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, conjunctions, exciting words and where appropriate joined up handwriting. We also told her we really enjoy writing stories, using the writing area and the handwriting apps. 


Mrs Cant had some important questions from the governors this week. She wanted our ideas on how we could raise more money for our climbing frame. Here are a few of them:

- Have a school sleep over

- Make and sell cakes

- Paying money to throw sponges at teachers... eeek!

- Have a sponsored run or walk

- Sell our old toys

- Have a school summer ball 

- Have a disco


Mrs Cant also wanted to ask us what our ideal climbing frame would have on it. We had lots of ideas for example: swings, slide, monkey bars, climbing ropes, a bridge, a flag, and tunnels. It was very exciting but we know we have a lot of money to raise. 


If you have any ideas please pass them on to members of the children's board or Miss Brook! 






Today we have had an important meeting regarding our upcoming family learning afternoon on June 10th at 1.30pm and the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations. We have decided as the voice of the children that we don't want to wear our school uniform to school to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. We had lots of open discussion about what types of clothes and fancy dress we could wear. We decided that we didn't want to wear costumes as we have done this lots of times before. We voted and came to the decision that we would like to wear party clothes as it is the Queen's birthday. We also then decided to theme it in the colours of red, white and blue to match the British flag.


So on Friday the 10th June we would like everyone to come to school in the colours of red, white and blue to celebrate alongside us.

13.05.16 Climbing Frame 

Our article was featured In Today's Huddersfield Examiner. We are trying to think of different ways to raise money for a new climbing frame. Mrs Halls's school purse is empty and a new one is going to cost £12,000. If anyone has any ideas please let the children's board know. 



We had a meeting today with Mrs Hall to discuss our climbing frame. We talked about how we could raise money to fund a new one as ours is unsafe. We discussed how our climbing frame benefits us at school, it helps us to keep healthy and use our coordination to boost our thinking skills. Mrs Hall told us that a reporter from the newspaper is coming to visit school tomorrow to put a story in the newspaper and we will have to answer some questions. We are all up for the challenge! 











The Children's Board is a democratically elected group of 12 children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Each child serves for 1 year working together to represent the views of their peers.


They work together with Mrs Cant, one of the school governors, and Miss Brook from Year 1,  making important decisions for the children and the school.


This year the Children's Board have made the following decisions :


  • to dress up for World Book Day
  • to support Children In Need
  • to request donations for The Welcome Centre